Summer Reading Recommendations for Instructional Technology Integration

I have to admit, I am not an avid book reader and have plenty of other things I would rather do with the little free time that I have.  I am constantly reading blogs and online articles to keep up to date, I just struggle actually choosing one book to spend an extended amount of time with.  However, the one time of the year I do enjoy reading is the summer-- next to the pool or at the beach so this series is perfect for someone like me! 

Here are my top 5 summer reading recommendations for instructional technology integration.
I was lucky enough to hear George Couros speak in February.  He was outstanding and encouraged me to think in ways I hadn't previously in looking at the future of education.  His book adequately matches his speaking ability.  The Innovator's Mindset will give you a different perspective when thinking about innovation and is a great read for anyone in a leadership position trying to bring about change.
Ditch That Textbook is one of those books that is best to read in small doses.  It is packed with so much "meat" and so many good ideas, it would be a kind of impossible to absorb everything in one sitting.  I have this book as an ebook (fitting, right?) and will just read a small section at a time, stew on it a little and figure out how I can implement ideas myself.
Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies provides practical examples of the best emerging free technologies for the classroom along with best practices for implementing them into your classroom.
Blended is labeled as a "practical field guide for implementing blended learning techniques in the K-12 classroom."  This is the book for you if you have been thinking about enhancing your classroom with the blended model of learning.
Are you interested in trying the flipped classroom model in your classroom?  Curious about trying a partial flip?  Flipped Learning- Gateway to Student Engagement is the book you need to read with practical guides of how to begin incorporating the flipped classroom model.  The authors are two flipped classroom pioneers that share their experiences throughout the book.

I hope you have discovered a new book for your pool bag!  If you have another book that you love for instructional technology integration, please share in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for the book suggestions, Allison! Can't wait to check them out :)
    The Techie Teacher