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Hello all! Haley from Owls and Lessons, Etc. with you today, talking about the three worst words a teacher can hear in July.

Back. To. School.


I hope to make it up to you by sharing with you a little treat I used this past year to give my students when they arrived at open house/registration. 

Back to School Freebie for students

Registration is one of those times where you as the teacher are nervous and excited about the new crop of kiddos about to arrive on your doorstep.  All the optimism, butterflies, "I'm going to have the best year ever!" thoughts are floating about through your mind.  And then the doors open, the kids arrive, and the parents arrive to meet you and then wade through a ginormous stack of paper work and sign their kiddo over to you for the year.

While ideally you want to share what you'll be doing in your classroom, procedures, curriculum, most of the time, the parents really just want to know what supplies they'll need, how much lunch is, what bus little Johnnie will ride, and what the resource schedule is.  Not that it's a bad thing, but registration is sometimes AWKWARD.

Most of the time you're meeting strangers and you are both nervous, the younger students especially!  When I taught 2nd grade, 7 out of 10 of my new students wouldn't speak to me.  I felt so badly for them.  So last year, I decided to have a little treat waiting for them when they arrived.  You could also save it for the first day of school.

Back to School Freebie for students

I like the mystery theme because let's be honest, a brand new grade and school year feels like a mystery to little ones.  Why not pop a little sugar their way and start the year off on a "sweet" note.  Also, as a parent of a child with peanut allergies, the dum dums are made in a peanut free facility.  Can't beat that!

Head over to my store and download your free copy!  It's paper friendly, 6 to a page.  Attach with some cute washi tape! Be sure to buy an extra bag of pops for you to keep in your desk! 

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