How to Transform Behavior Using Mascots

This is Quentin the Quality Penguin.  He goes home with a quality student every night and the student writes about him.  He or she writes about what Quentin did at his or her house and reads it to the class the next day. Pictured next to him is his read aloud book that teaches about being a quality students. We sell his book in our store.  Just click the image to read more.  He really helps the class remember how to be quality students.  The students love earning "Quentin Dollars" when they do good work.  They use them in our class store.  This FREE DOWNLOAD is an awesome addition to our penguin mascot.

As a class mascot, Quentin gives the students an example to follow for good behavior and gives them an extra push to follow the rules.  We combine Quentin with the Baldridge program, teaching kids that being a quality student is the best way to work and behave in the classroom.  We have found that this holistic approach, combining behavior and performance, really encourages the students to do their best.  Having a class mascot is a fun way to emphasize whatever it is you want to emphasize in the classroom. 
This is Quentin dancing to the "Quality Students" song.  Click below to download for FREE.  Pam's first graders love singing and dancing to this song.

Minds in Bloom has a great article that reflects the same ideas we use in the classroom.  Creating a culture that includes the class mascot is a fun, low-pressure way to promote a positive environment.  

Scholastic has a fantastic article about how a class mascot can even motivate kiddos to write.   As you read above, with Quentin, students are encouraged to write about their experiences with him when they take him home.  They get excited about these interactions and want to write about them, or at least draw them. 

Eduplace has an activity on how to involve the kiddos in creating a class mascot.  This involves creativity and critical thinking.  It would be an awesome way to make the experience more fun for older students!

2care2teach4kids shows you how to use a class mascot in a preschool classroom. 

All of these articles support the same idea; a class mascot is a great way to create a fun environment and motivate your students.   We hope that you will pick a class mascot this school year and see what a difference it makes in your classroom!  Comment below to tell us about your experience.  We would love to hear it!

Have an awesome week!

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